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Audio/video editing systems are used by millions of people worldwide to edit all types of digital audio and video content. The audio waveform display is commonly used by these systems to represent audio tracks and is the focal point of user interaction when editing audio.

One of the greatest challenges for users of these systems is navigation, that is, finding one's way around the audio or video file being edited. Users try to recognize and remember the shape of amplitude envelopes, which are the only visual landmarks in the waveform display. Such mental gymnastics are taxing and usually unsuccessful: users must repeatedly audition segments to orient themselves within the file.

KeysDAN Enterprises, Inc. Live Entertainment and Disc Jockey Services uses a variety of tools for audio and video editing.

For Audio Editing:

Adobe Audition, Pro-Tools, Musicmatch

Audio-Video Audio-Video Audio-Video

For Video Editing:

Avid Xpress, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio, NTI DVD-Maker Gold, Windows Movie Maker

Audio-Video Audio-Video Audio-Video Audio-Video


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