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Production Services, Feature Films, Wedding Videos, Editing Services, etc... We at KeysDAN Enterprises, Inc. Videography Services provide professional production services for all of your filming and video needs. We specialize in Promotional Videos, Documentaries Films, safety videos, infomercials, Wedding videos, Funerals, feature Films, special event videos and training videos.Videography

How You Can Use Video Video productions are widely utilized by both small and large businesses for a number of purposes including sales presentations, marketing, employee & client training, and other general communication purposes. Its affordability, ease of distribution, and short production time make it an advantageous choice for business communication, and since we archive all of its productions, changes and updates can be made quickly as your business develops and expands.Videography

Product DemonstrationsUse video to illustrate the benefits of your product or service. Demonstrate your equipment at work and highlight satisfied customer responses. Introduce new roll-out programs and communicate to the sales force in one clear and concise presentation. By utilizing video, each member of your sales team will communicate the identical message every time. A video tape can be sent through the mail, shown in person or left with the client. Used correctly, a video will measurably shorten the sales cycle and lower your cost of sales.Videography

Corporate Identity Presentations Use the power of the media to quickly and effectively establish corporate credibility. Showcase the full range of your corporate capabilities. Use interviews and testimonials to add the "human touch" to your organization.

VideographyTradeshows, Direct Mail & Conferences Distribute videos at tradeshows or via mail to educate those interested in your organization. When your message needs to be communicated loud and clear, in a variety of locations and environments, count on video to do it repeatedly.Standard Digital Video Conversion Enhance corporate presentations and informational CD-ROM's and DVDs with video and sound clips converted directly from your production. We output to both QuickTime and AVI and utilize the latest compression codecs for optimum image quality and playback.Videography

Employee Recruitment & Orientation Use video as a tool to show off the unlimited opportunities within your firm. Introduce new staff members to your organization, and illustrate the optimal method of navigating your corporate culture and policies. Allow video to handle repetitive tasks such as explaining health plan options, 401K and emergency procedures.VideographyVideo

Training & Tutorials A video can dramatically decrease training costs when serving a geographically diverse audience, and is available in any language or format. Ensure that each employee obtains the same clear and concise message from the best trainer the company can provide. Video offers easy review and immediate usage by those who are new to the company, and the presentation may be reviewed when desired, allowing for maximum comprehension and retention. For businesses who wish to provide training to clients and/or customers on product usage, training videos are a convenient and low-cost alternative (or addition...) to holding training seminars. They may be distributed worldwide and reviewed by the user at any time. This also lessens the load for tech support and provides visual aides that phone support lacks.Videography

Seminar & Event Recording Capture conferences, seminars and meetings on tape for viewing by those who could not be present or are not yet employees, or for distribution to employees in other locations. Keep visual records of special events, shows and employee gatherings. Build a "corporate history" to document the growth and direction of the company.Videography

Streaming Video If you're using the internet to promote your business, use it to its fullest potential! Add the compelling impact of video to your website or intranet utilizing streaming video - the latest Internet multimedia technology that allows users to view video clips immediately, without waiting for downloads. Demonstrate a product to millions of potential customers on the web. Train employees visually over your company intranet. Provide encouraging testimonials from satisfied clients on your corporate website. We'll edit any video production to target your web audience and convert it to a streaming format that meets your personal needs. Nothing captures the attention of a potential customer like motion video, music and sound that plays instantly, without the download.


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