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When looking for a voice to provide imaging for your business or personal endeavor, one should search for the type of person that knows words, their proper pronunciation and how to use them in new and interesting ways. We at KeysDAN Enterprises, Inc. have over 20 years of experience. In that time we have taken several classes and have put forth much time and effort to hone our collective vocal skills.
We can send you the finished product, either "dry voice" or fully produced in one or more of several formats: mp3, wav, CD, or more...
We can be warm and deep for narrations, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations.
So whether its Voice-Overs for Radio and Television Commercials, radio station voice imaging for sweepers, liners, promos, and id's, for auto attendants, voice prompts, on hold narration and music, voice mail trees, portals and answering machine broadcast messages or ads, to add a different voice for news, weather, traffic, or show closings, or Voice services for television promos and station identification, KeysDAN is the right choice for you.
I am a graduate of Connecticut Schools of Broadcasting. I have been a mobile Disc Jockey (DJ).
I have also worked on several differently formatted radio stations including Classic Rock (WFKZ Sun 103.1 FM, WZTA Zeta Rocks 94.9 FM, WBGG Big 106 105.9 FM, and 9412 The Rock Station - Internet Radio), Country (WKIS Kiss Country 99.9 FM, WCTH Thunder Country 100.3 FM), Popular Music (WHYI Y-100 FM), Dance (WPTT Party 93.1 FM), Alternative (WKPX 88.5 College Radio), Spanish (WPIK Radio Ritmo 102.5 FM, WWWK Exito 105.5 FM & WVCG AM 1080 - Yes, I speak spanish fairly well). So as you can see my voice talents are very diverse.
I am a very good Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey, and Public Speaker. I have been doing so for over 20 years at various events such as weddings, corporate and county fairs. I have been a communication specialist for a hospital air transport helicopter service and a fire rescue department. I am also able to leap small buildings in a single bound.

KeysDAN - Radio Exito - Change of Day
KeysDAN - Voice Imaging 2008
KeysDAN - Demo Of Greatness 1
KeysDAN - Demo Of Greatness 03-2004
KeysDAN - Go Ahead and Make My Day... Call KeysDAN
KeysDAN - DJ Commercial 5 (Oh Yeah) 1
KeysDAN - DJ Commercial
KeysDAN - DJ Commercial 2
KeysDAN - 3 Doors Down to No Doubt, Shania & Dido
KeysDAN - 93.1 Party Station
KeysDAN - 97.3 The coast
KeysDAN - 103.5 She's Only Rock and Roll (But I like It)
KeysDAN - 105.9 BIG
KeysDAN - 949 ZETA
KeysDAN - AC DC - Aerosmith - Burbs
KeysDAN - Dennys Latin Cafe - Barcelona Nights English
KeysDAN - Dennys Latin Cafe - Barcelona Nights Espanol
KeysDAN - Dolphin Tournament
KeysDAN - Five Brothers - Un Lugar English
KeysDAN - Five Brothers - Un Lugar Espanol
KeysDAN - Hurricane Katrina Fund Raiser 2005-09-18
KeysDAN - News Report Creative Writing (Davie Fire)
KeysDAN - Please Check Back Soon For A Demonstration
KeysDAN - SUN 103.1s KeysDAN the Jungle Man & King Konch (World Watersports)
KeysDAN - SUN 103.1s King Konch is Coming (regular)
KeysDAN Enterprises - Phone Message

More Demos to Come...
Produced Sweepers, Liners and IDs

Product Description > Sweepers
Delivered to you fully produced with production effects and royalty free music (as needed). Sweepers may
be up to 15 seconds in length.
For the fastest turnaround, please be ready to send your scripts after payment.

Produced Promos and Commercials
1 :60 PRODUCED PROMO OR AD - $49.99
1 :30 PRODUCED PROMO OR AD - $33.99
Product Description > Station Promos and Commercials
Produced announcements that promote your station, DJs, website, upcoming concerts, contests and more.
Or, use the radio commercial packages above and receive a fully customized ad that will help drive traffic to
your business.
For the fastest turnaround, please be ready to send your scripts after payment.
Stinger Packs (also known as "Stabs")

Product Description > Produced Stingers
Maximum punch, minimum time. Stingers are very short liners with voice and background effects and are an
excellent compliment to our full-length sweepers. Stingers are 5 seconds or less, and may include your
station name and slogan OR one very short sentence.

***Stinger Script Guidelines***
Script Writing Guidelines For Stinger Packs
They are known by many names in the radio industry - stingers, stabs or shotguns. However, they all
have one thing in common: they are very short. This page is here to give you an idea of the length that
is acceptable when writing scripts for your stinger packs.

If your scripts are too long, they may be edited for time.

Generally speaking, stingers are:
Slogan and/or Station Name only.
5 seconds or less.
One short sentence. If it has more than one period or comma, it's probably not a stinger!
Example Scripts:
1. Q106.
2. B93, The Hit Music Station.
3. DJ Johnny, In The Mix.
4. You're listening to Bubba's Net Radio.
5. This is FM 104.1.
6. Today's New Country, Rabbit 97.
7. The girls love him, DJ Jambalaya.
8. All The Hits- Super 101 FM.

DRY VOICE Sweepers, Liners and Promos
20 DRY SWEEPERS - $99.99
10 DRY SWEEPERS - $59.99
5 DRY SWEEPERS - $39.99
1 :60 DRY PROMO OR AD - $27.99
1 :30 DRY PROMO OR AD - $19.99
Product Description > Dry Voice Sweepers and Promos
What is dry voice? That's a fancy way of saying that a spot or sweep has a vocal track, but does not have
any background effects or music. Dry voice sweepers may be up to 15 seconds each, and the promos are
offered in 30 and 60 second increments. Voice effects available upon request.
For the fastest turnaround, please be ready to send your scripts after payment.

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